2007 Red Busa Diecast Model


I really want a model of my bike... anyone know where, when or if they make them? Seen almost all other years/colors.
I would also like an 05' where are these found
They don't make all years and colors.  The best you can do is get one of the models that you can put together....and paint it yourself.  That's what I did to make my 03.

check seller Blue-Busa on Ebay. I recently purchased a diecast dirtbike from him and invited him to join the .Org. Dunno if he joined. He was top notch to deal with.
Where did you get the paint... not direct match a assume, just close... that would be cool, where can I find a quality model to build?
those are hard to find ... just get another scooter and leave it in the living room... a perfect 1:1 scale..
Yep, paint it whatever color you want. I got mine a Walmart a couple years ago. You can get them at ironpony.com too.