2007 Busa.... Down in a round a bout..


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What happend Trash? does not sound good.


You would have to push them WAY TO HARD for the street to get them to wash out unless there is lots of debris on the road. What's the story?


About two weeks ago I went out for a evening ride, clouds were coming in, tires were not hot. 35 or so miles an hour. As I came into it, I noticed it was graded down to the right, pulled the knee out, leaned off, heard the foot peg as my knee touched.... And watched it slide away and smash the curb.... As i was sliding on full leathers :rulez: And then I got up and walked away, upset, but thankful.


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You sure you didn't peg it? 016's are pretty dang good tires if warmed properly...


They were not honestly very warm.. And I think I had too much lean angle.
Insurance covered everything though. ( Not the leathers )


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insurance should cover the leathers too. and helmet, if you smacked your dome.
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