2007: 1397 Project Bike: Question


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Is two batteries a must for a 1397 with the Gen One Starting system or is one big battery going to do the job in the summer heat?? Someone that has actually built one and personally put miles on one please reply.
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If person has aftermarket arm with no box,one big battery is ticket in stock location with modded tray..if stock arm 2 batteries is way to go if big compression..
To take the guessing game out of it. We will do the 24V starting system.
and the answer also depends on compression...once you exceed 12:1 the need for 2 batteries gets involved. Starter kickback has as much to do with batteries as it does with the guy pushing the button. Keep that in mind.
hi there i will try the ytz14s batt 1st then see how is it.

if after trying it cant then i will go for the 24v. when u are using 24, which battery are u thinking of using?
I just built a preety stroker (everyday rider) which is starting on one bigger battery with 310 CCA 14 AH... I was hoping that would work. Customer wants a 1397 but wants zero starting issues. Schnitz has a 24V kit or Fastbygas does. Thanks for the replies all.
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I run 2 batteries on mine. Dont intend on doing too much street riding with it. Its a pain, or you can run a switch so both batteries can stay charged. I dont ride on the street and put it on the charger after 2-3 starts
Ive been using a 24 volt starting system for 3 years now!

As long as you charge the second battery, when the bike is in the garage, it will never let you down!
I have the ytz14s battery in mine and I have the 12.8 to 1 JE pistons and have never had a problem yet. That is everyday riding for the past 2 months. Hot starts and cold starts and have never had a problem. I was in the same boat as u earlier this year and decided to try out the ytz14s battery and it works great for me!
Where do you install the 2nd battery? d love to do this mod just want to get an idea of what its really gonna take to upgrade my 05 busa....

We now have a 340 CCA battery which seems to work very well on the 1531 stroker we are testing it on. Should be overkill for a 1397. PM for details.
I'm interested in how it works. My 1340 is 13.2:1. With a ytz14s (230CCA) it is marginal when hot, but it does spin it without kickback. Even restarts after runs in the stagging lanes it would start. I'd rather it spin just a bit faster. I was thinking about trying a FBG 380CCA. If not, I'll be in the 24 volt camp.
I started with the YTS14s then went to the FBG battery. The best solution is the 24v. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner. It'll spin the engine right up with hardly cranking needed for the start.