2006 silver/blue side fairing

I just purchased a 2006 hayabusa that was laid down in grass. It was scraped pretty good, but I'm looking for a website that sell individual original painted side fairing. Because I can only find places that sell full body kits.


I'm somewhere but dont know where
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Daniel (GoldenChild) or some of the sponsors here are who most folks use for parts. I've dealt with Daniel before and I can certainly attest that he's a stand up guy, delivers as promised every time and someone I'd do business with again without hesitation. :thumbsup:


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was this answered? i would like to know this as well
I would guess there are no companies that sell one piece of fairing in stock hayabusa colors except suzuki. I'm sure you can find someone to paint up a piece to match thou. That or find somebody who has the plastic U need in good,but used condition.

Just a guess...due to infringments and such.


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