2006 Mileage Challenge!!

I got about 300 going slow this month.
i got about 700-800 allready going good this month
I've 540 or so so far this month, I need to pick it up  

At least I'm on track to getting more than I did last month

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Man you guys ride a lot during the winter my bike has not been out much at all lately. I would have no chance on this challenge since I only ride my bike on nice days.

You guys are lucky this month.

I haven't been riding as much as usual, too busy chasing poontang. Spent a few days in the hospital too, that sucked! (blood clot in leg)

I'll be lucky to get 2000 this month!
I think he said its a 99 . I'll ask him next week , the bike is in great shape and runs perfect.
Yea, Yea, Yea, So its one for me one for you ! I'll get you next month !
4 whole days !!! Wow
! Yes i'm being sarcastic ! I don't think its STOPPED here for 4 days