2006 Mileage Challenge!!


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First, if you want to join, no problem.  Simply read these and PM me your current odometer reading.

For those who have joined, PM me your updated odometer so I can post everyone's mileage for the last month.  You have until Feb 6th midnight to make the list because on Feb 7th I'll post the current mileage totals on this thread.  Your mileage doesn't have to be Feb 1st only, any odometer reading in the next 6 days or one already sent to me will do.  This is just an update as the challenge doesn't end until Dec 31st.  If you miss the update, no worries, just PM me your odometer next month.  An update will be done at the beginning of each month.

Remember to send me your odometer in MILES or let me know it is in KILOMETERS and I'll convert it.

Now lets see who racked up the most miles so far!!!

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27,028 miles for me or 43,497.35 kilometers
tonites reading was 14723 , so I did 1175 this month! ( 1174 1/2 of those miles in the rain ):p
Come on everyone post up . I know I didn't win but I beat Charlesbusa by 3 miles!!
Hah, only by riding in the rain  
Oh yeah, well..... yeah... so there!