2005 Hayabusa Turbo $14,500.

Turbo Bob

2005 Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

Fully Built Engine:

Carrillo H Beam Rods

Wossner Pistons

O Ringed Head

Heavy Duty Valve Springs

Rebuilt Transmission

Tool Steel Upper & Lower Shift Shafts

Heavy Duty Output Shaft

MTC 2 Stage Clutch

High Volume Oil Pump

Clutch Slave Support

Falicon Crank Case Windage Tray

Rcc Turbo Oil Scavenge Pump

Adjustable Cam Chain Tensioner


Garrett Dual Ball Bearing Turbo

Tial Waste Gate & Blow Off Valve

Stainless Steel Headers

Rcc Ultra Plenum Air to Water Intercooler


1,000cc Injectors

Microtech LT 10-C

Powercommander V

AMS 1000 Boost Controller


Forks Lowered Internally

McIntosh Adjustable Lowering Links

McIntosh 6-8” Alumi-Pro Underbraced Swingarm

RC Components Forged Aluminum Wheels

Custom Stepped Seat

Brand New Dunlop Q3+ Tires

Brand New Yuasa Battery

This bike had the intercooler and various other parts installed by Frank at Powerhouse in New York and made

438HP on C16 and 378HP on 93 Octane.

It was too much for the prior owner and it sat for a long time.

I just spent about $3,000. At Blais Cycle in Dania Florida, April 2020, the premier turbo shop in South Florida having the entire bike gone thru adding the RCC scavenge pump and various other parts to make it perfect. We turned down the boost to 15lbs to make it perfectly safe and reliable and it made 350hp and 190 ft lbs of torque.

The bike has a total of 10,158 miles with about 800 on the turbo kit.

Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I need to sell this bike. I guarantee you will not be disappointed
as now it is 100% turn key!!! I have a ton of receipts for the build along with other pictures.






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