2005 Gix 1K killer sale


I have my buddy, the guy who is 36 and bought his first crotchrocket, and bought THE fastest one out there, the '05 Suzuki GSXR1000
He only put 1700 miles on it, and he babies the thing more then anything. The problem is he's come into the slow part of his business (HVAC) and now he needs the money he invested in this thing. He made the money in 1 month to buy it , $11,000 and he's put $2500 in upgrades to it already, but he wants to sell it quick. He installed a $1200 radar system in it, (Passport) with sensors in front and back, the HID Bulb kit ($200), 2 LED kits for it, still uninstalled, etc.

If ANY of you are interested in buying this bike, please email me AND reply here. He wants to sell it within 30days, and he's only asking $11,500 for it. The stock bike is $11,000 new.

So before I list this bike on ebay, I'm offering it here.
Looks just like the K5 that I have my dealer working up numbers on. If the guy that's coming to look at it tonight doesn't buy it by tomorrow at noon I think I've actually got an acceptable trade deal worked out. Got the dealer working up numbers on a black/grey K5 and a green '05 10R... May end up making my decision tomorrow afternoon.
Hey , I was faced with the same decision, well basically.

I could have had a Green 05' 10R for 10K vs a Gixxer K6 @ list.

Get the Gixxer BT, its an incredible handling sportbike and comfortable to boot.
Right you are, BT! Good luck on the bike decision.
Thanks. Still torn. The 10R is going to be cheaper up front I'm sure, but in the end I'll spend more on it. With the Gixxer the only things I'll want right off the bat will be PUIG race screen, Pazzo shorties, and Galfer front brake lines. On the 10R I'll want to do those things as well as an exhaust right off the bat. If they still come with Dunlop D218 tires those will have to go IMMEDIATELY as well. I ain't ridin' on another set of those shiddy tires. I'll also want flush mount front signals and an integrated taillight on the 10R whereas the Gixxer is good to go everywhere but the screen, levers, and brake lines. I'll likely end up with more $$$$ in the 10 in the end so the price difference isn't a factor.

It's going to come down to which one strikes my fancy when I go in to buy I guess... The Gixx is ahead at this point, but the 10R is still a known winner and hard to turn down...
Yeah, the Gixxer really is ready to go aint it? Also factor it the fender eliminatiors are dirt cheap and just bolt on, the Gixxer undertails are already painted and very sharp.

I cannot see getting an aftermarket exhaust for awhile...the only upgrades I am going to do on my bike are the undertail, sliders and possibly a radiator guard and screen.

What screens have you looked @ BT? What are Pazzo shorties?

Hey, hook me up with a package of stuff to buy from that wax company you use, what was that brand again?
I am thinking about his undertail kit...
It basically comes with a piece to cover the fender hole then a license relocator with a LED light.

www.1tail.com - Link no longer works
I just bought a new 06 for $9,900 plus tax and license. I bought an 05 just like that one in march for $9,704. IMO you may be asking a tad too much for a quick sale?
I paid $9900 for my K5 back in May. Even with the mods, I think $11,500 is too much. For what its worth.
Well I'm including the tax paid because it STILL has to be paid by someone on a new bike, and it won't have to be paid again. Maybe $10,500 then?? Because you guys both had to pay the taxes. I'm thinking maybe a loss of $1,000 on the value of the bike for the $1700 miles, that puts it @ $9500 from the price you paid.

This radar system is the one he had installed. - $1100 + install costs.

BigBSbusa, I'd post actual pics only for those truly interested. The bike is mint, and not a scratch on it. So the pic above is exactly what you'll see. Like I said though serious inquiries can email me, and I'll provide actual pics with my Busa in it so you know it's not a BS sale.
The HID, $200
The Stand + Pegs = $250
Chain guard - $ ??
The 2 sets of red controller LED's = $400 (optional)
Joe Rocket black leather - New
Matching flames helmet XL - New
Gloves - New
Puig - Double Bubble screen - $70
All those slightly used obviously.

So basically for $10,500 a this is all of what you'll get.
The radar system alone is the biggest bonus to this sale.

You guys still think it's too high?? If so, I'm guessing he's not going to sell it. That's his rock solid price, not going any lower.
He might have to keep it if that's the case.

BigBSbusa, I'm only going to send pics to those actually really interested. I'll take the snapshots upon requests to my email. He doesn't want to do the ebay route, so he's taking it to the dealership on consignment next week if it's not sold by then.

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