2005' From red to Pearl White


Sneak peak.
Purchased a 2005 in March that had been laid down for $4k. Had to replace both triple clamps and the steering neck bearing (installed tapered rollers) Just finished painting the left side cover. Got some dirt in the clear as I painted in my garage, just hosed down the floor with water to keep the dust down as best as possible. Removing the decals was a pain in the rear. They came off with a heat gun but the adhesive was still on the side panels.
Anyway more work than I remembered, it's been so long since I painted anything.
First time I purchased a bike that had been dropped. Every stranger that walks up to me asked so how did you crash the bike?
Anyone know what I mean?

07-15-09 019.jpg

07-15-09 024.jpg

07-15-09 075.jpg
Very nice. It would look cool with the bottle slanted forward a little and blured to make it look like it has some speed, and add "Power" bellow Absolut. Love the blue also.

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