2003 hayabusa

Ray Sierra

I currently just purchased an 03 hayabusa, it has 3,894 miles. I just replaced a factory battery with a everlast battery ES9BS I ran the bike for about 6 hours and then after and during the ride i started to smell hard boiled eggs smell, after a while it got stronger to the point where my bike just died, I removed my seat and the smell was strong and the battery very hot!!! After cooling the battery off I tried to start the bike up but nothing only clicking, but also I don't hear the injectors prime at all, with the FI flashing, any thoughts? I also checked the fuses and all is functioning. As well as a relay under the seat clicks rapidly too.

Ray Sierra

Thanks guys and sorry i didnt know how this works...and yes i got a new battery but have not yet installed it....keep u all posted :grinning:
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