2002 fuel tank blue silver

Berlin Germany

hi at all
i´m looking for a fuel tank - with internal pump - in blue / silver of a 2002 busa
please no scratches or other damage such as dents or rust - inside or outside
look must to be this !
under no circumstances I want to have go to a paint shop.

offers pls via pm
email to fj-1100-1200@gmx.de (not bigger than 15 mb - otherwise the entire mail won´t reach me)

Mr Brown

The tank you posted is the paint scheme from 2000 in the US. Which means it won't have an internal pump.

Berlin Germany

The tank you posted is the paint scheme from 2000 in the US. Which means it won't have an internal pump.
this scheme is also used for the 2002 with internal pump - I know that for 99.995% sure .

if you don´t believe in that, have a look here at my homepage at year 2002 .
the ´00 have no stylized beak of a falcon at the side panels
opposite to that the ´02 have it - so i hope further on that i will find one.


Mr Brown

Read what I wrote. I didn't say that color wasn't on an 02 in Europe, I said that in the US the color scheme you posted was only available in 2000. With an external pump. I know this because I have one.
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