2002 Front Axle Change


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For members who may not be aware of this... the front axle design changed on the 2002 models. As shown in the following pictures, there is no hex lip on the OUTSIDE of the axle to allow easy axle removal with a socket or wrench. Axle removal requires a 24mm Allen wrench inserted INTO the axle. If you can't find a 24mm hex tool (it's BIG), a simple substitute is to use a 24mm bolt with two nuts tightly jammed together on the bolt. Use "high-strength" or "permanent" thread locking compound to keep the nuts secure (axle torque is 72.5 ft/lbs). The bolts/nuts are available at places like Lowe's, Ace Hardware, etc. for about $3.
Yeah, someone posted this tip in my axle nut thread, only without bolt head size and with no pics. Good tip. :cool:
Yes, 24mm head, measured from hex flat to flat across the head. Since bolt head sizes vary with the type of bolt/application, I used the head size insted of the thread size. That is the dimension that is needed for the axle. The bolt in the pic has 16mm threads (from Lowes).
I used a 13/16" spark plug socket inserted backward into the axle. Not a perfect fit but I used some metal shims and it worked fine. The nut and bolt tool sounds much better but I didn't plan ahead when I wanted to change tires.