2002 busa heating problems


hello i just bought a 2002 busa after riding her for 15 min this busa just keeps heating at stop,i replaced the coolant too engine ice,burped it several times,,what else should i look into buying or looking too see what the problem is??? thanks for your help from florida....
You could have a blown fuse. A stuck thermostat. Is the fan coming on? Are you sure it is over heating or is the gauge reading incorrectly?
Cooling fan, radiator, stuck thermostat, water pump, cooling fan fuse, air pocket.

The Gen I s will get hot and overheat in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic. There's several mods to correct or help this.
I have an 04 BUSA and she will run good until it gets to the operating temp there is a small stutter then she shuts down the power is still on but no start nothing,let her cool down a couple degrees and she fires right up, no oil in the water, no coolant over flow troubles I have changed the batteries,air intake sensor and still no luck HELP !!!! this is driving me nuts MUST RIDE BIKE !!!!