2001 Ford Mustang power seat help


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Our 2001 Ford Mustangs driver power seat stopped working yesterday.

I was thinking it was a fuse. I looked on the internet and the only schematic I could find was for a 2000 Mustang V6.

Not even close.

So I went to the local car store and picked up a Chiltons. A bunch of stuff about power windows, power this and power that, but nothing about power seats.

I then had my son (it is his car) take each fuse out of the under dash fuse box one by one and we checked each fuse. All good.

We then looked at the fuse box under the hood.

We were able to check all the mini fuses, but we couldnt get out these monsterous looking fuses that I have never seen before.

Anyone have a clue on what might be wrong? no other indications of anything else wrong with the car anywhere. The seat just wont do anything. none of the buttons work at all.

Anyone have any ideas?

proud dad

Did you check for power and ground at the seat switch? Or add a 12 volt source and ground right to the motor.


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Have only worked on a couple of power seats, but as was said check the wire connections. Pull the seat and check the connection and then for breaks in the wire.


Reach underneath the seat and check to see that the cable is connected tightly. It might not be a fuse at all, rather a relay since it is enabled at key on. Otherwise, it may be time to go online to corral.net or stangnet.com and run a search.


First thing is to cehck power and ground. If you have power where oyu should and the cround is good, then I would look at the switch, or the motor. Best and fastest way to rule out one or the other is to jumper the power in to the corect part of the plug to make the seat do what ever..

Say power is term 1 and the up function is term 2, jumpr term 1 to 2 and see if it works. If it does chances are the switch is bad, if not then it might be the motor.

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