2000 Hayabusa wiring harness problems


I have a 2000 Hayabusa I had you switch wiring harnesses I ordered one online and the one I ordered it does not have a plug for my fuel pump how do I wire the fuel pump plug in


Should be a plug with a yellow/red and a Black/white wire, that is the plug / wires you would need. Are you sure you have a 2000 harness? They are different than 01-07, not a direct drop in as you can see.


Look Here check the color of wires in the ECU connectors in the positions 17 and 35 If your orange wire is in 17 and black in 35 you have a newer harness. If black is in 17 and orange is in 35 then you have a 99/00 of course you probably bought an ebay "99-07" harness and it was really a "01-07" Harness. It is not hard to update to the 02-07 ECU. Of course if your running a power commander now, it will not work on the new harness.
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