2000 busa didn't want to start today


First a run down on the work i had done on the bike 2 weeks ago. Sparkplugs changed, air filter cleaned, new oil/filter, pazzo levers, new clutch with heavy duty springs, synthetic fluid for both brake and clutch, sidestand mod, Valentine 1 radar hooked up to gregs wire harness, radiator flushed and coolant replaced. Lowbeam bulb is out completly (socket included) but will be put in soon now i got the bulb in. However at my buddy's garage it was at, overnight one of the lips of the stand it was on gave and the bike fell over on it's right side. Must have been slow because while there are scratches on the right panel, they're hard to notice. Bottom line after 7 years of owning it the bike has been on it's side once now. Body panel aside (in the process of getting it replaced) no other damage to report. Bike has been running flawless so far.

Anyways that was 2 weeks ago and the bike has been fine except for today. Now before yesterday i had my clutch side pazzo lever on notch 2 but yesterday switched it to notch 1 and it seems to shift fine. Anyways today I left home and the sunoco i fill up at is 5 minutes away. Pull up to pump and shut the bike off while in first gear and move it forward till it stops, put kickstand down (as i always do). Fill the tank up about half way (not full) since i'm not on no long trip. Go in, pay, and come back out. Bike has been off for maybe 4 minutes. Now usually i would hook up my V1 on the stem stand and plug in cord and then start the bike up and be off. This time i didn't do that as i had another stop to make not too far away. Well i sit on the bike, bring kickstand up, turn the key on and let the dash come on fully (gauges do their self test), pull in the clutch with the bike still in first gear and press the starter as i have so many times before without any problem with the bike starting. This time nothing happens.
I double check to make sure the sidestand is all the way up. It is. Try again. Nothing. Oil light and gauges don't dim because the starter isn't even being activated. Turn the key off, wait a few seconds and try it again. Still nothing. I never use the red kill switch but i flicked it to off and back to on again to see if the bike would start after doing so. STILL nothing. Getting worried now as i'm thinking maybe the sidestand switch is faulty or maybe the pazzo lever on notch 1 isn't putting enough pressure to make the bike think the clutch is pulled in. I try shifting the bike into neutral and it snicks right in smooth as butter. Press the starter and she fires right up! Put it in gear and much to my relief it stays running and continues to do so as i pull out and head for home.

I get home and try doing everything over to see if i can recreate the problem. Bike starts up fine. Take it out and back and back out again trying all sorts of shut downs and start ups. Even putting the sidestand down with the clutch pulled in and bike in gear. Bike shuts off and refires fine after putting stand back up and pressing starter button. The bike fires up every single time now.
I even went on some roads nearby that are really bumpy incase the sidestand or tip over sensor is acting up and if it will cause any weirdness. No dice (thank god really). When i did bring it home for the night i shut it off while the fan was on. Trying to recreate the issue i turned the bike back on and the fan kicks on. I notice the temp gauge, while in the middle position before i shut her off, is now up in the redzone. I remember reading about some busa owners whose bikes wouldn't start after being off for just a bit because the temp sensor thought the engine was overheating. Well i hit the starter, while in gear and the clutch in, and the bike STILL Fires up. Temp gauge goes from red to middle position. Fan runs a bit longer then shuts off.

Any advice please? For one, where is the tip over sensor at so i can examine it and make sure it's not hanging out of place. And is there any chance i can permanently deactivate the side stand switch without the busa's onboard computer acting weird on me later? I never liked those goofy things every since years ago riding with my buddy who just got his CBR f3 back and runnin again hit a bump and the bike died on him right there on the highway. We had a hell of a ******* time trying to get the bike running and eventually, towed back to the shop. Turned out in the end it was the sidestand switch that went bad and kicked on. I'm careful enough to make sure my sidestand is up before rolling so if i can deactivate the sidestand sensor that'd be one less thing to worry about.

Thanks again all. Looks like i won't be going on any long fall tours until i get this sorted.

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I vote for an "airlock". You said you changed coolant and then in the last section you mentioned the other bikes that had a temp sensor lockout the start...

Having never worked on this particular machines cooling system, I have no idea where the airbleeds are (if there are any)

Anyway it could kick loose by itself, watch the coolant reservoir level. (this is pretty common stuff in the automotive cooling system work so I would guess on a bike it is pretty likely)


The coolant was a bit overfilled but i thought burped of air pretty good. Could be worth a look. Thing is if this was it, why would the bike fire up when in neutral?

I'm thinking BOTH the kickstand and tip over sensor are going permanently offline soon. Wether they're the cause or not i don't need them to be part of any equation ever.


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(COLDSTONE1298 @ Sep. 19 2007,19:45) Any advice please? For one, where is the tip over sensor at so i can examine it and make sure it's not hanging out of place.
Underneath the fuel tank rear hinge bracket-right side.


Well after a few days of normal activity, the same thing happened yesterday after gassing up. Filled tank all the way up this time, Radar detector was plugged in but not turned on, bike in 1st gear, clutch in, kickstand up, turn of the key and after the dash does it's self test I press the starter and..nothing. Turn key off..wait..then back on and it still doesn't start. Put the bike in neutral since that got it started last time. This time it didn't work.

So before turning key off again I let the pazzo clutch lever out, switch the adjustment slot from "1" to "2". Pull clutch lever in and press starter and she fires. Thinking the pazzo lever set on "1" somehow isn't pushing things right to make the sensor think the clutch is still open? The rubber part where you can see the rod push in when the lever is pulled has been dry rotted and worn for a while (piston cup set i believe). No leaking so I though it was fine. Could that be part of the issue?

So far with the lever set on 2 it's been starting fine. Still gonna nix the kickstand and tip over sensor. Thinking of doing the same with the clutch sensor too but wanted to post my latest findings incase anyone can offer insight. Thanks again.


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Remove your clutch switch, from underneath the clutch lever, and get some contac cleaner. Clean the switch, put some dielectic grease on the contacs, and you'll be all set!

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