200 tire?

I have been thinking of going with a 200/50 series tire next.I am extending my rear 4" and am looking for a fater tire but not a 240 or larger. I have that on my cruiser already. I know it wont corner as well but I dont care,I'm extending it so thats a given. Any one using a 200,any fitment issues?


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a 200 is a tight fit. watch the clearance on the chain side. i use to ride with a 200 and never had an issue. handling was no problem either. actually had better straight line dig!
Anything wider then 200, you will hit the chain. And yes you will feel the difference between 190 and 200, whether your taking off down the road or if your on the track.
I love my 200. If you extend it, it looks better with that wider tire in my opinion. i have had no problems at all as far as handling at all.
Thanks for all the responses.It helps alot. I would like to do a 240 but just dont want to spend that much again.Did it to my warrior.Plus I already have custom wheels on the busa.

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