200 Size Tire


So i am running stock rim, question is will a 200 tire fit on the rear with out rubbing


I have Carizzeria's (?) and the 190's were too narrow and made the profile flat. A 200 made a more rounded profile. It fit with no problem....

................Carrozzeria Found it....


200 width will fit, though like Tony and a lot of other B-King riders I changed from a 200 tyre to 190/55 which makes that barge a lot better on the road. Similarly I changed my Busa to 190/55 which works well for me. I personally feel the handling of the Busa would be worse with slower turn in and less "flickability" with a 200/50 or 200/55 tyre.


Changed out the last set at 5,000 miles bro,rear was just down to the wear bars with still plenty left on the front but changed as a set.
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