2.6 miles of busas


The Watcher
If we line up our Busas we now have about 2.67 miles of bikes. That is alot of Busas.
Is that all members or just those who have them?

I'll have mine ASAP so save me a space  

Hey maybe we could all set a guiness record or something   .

We should set a record of with "fastest" in the title. Like the fastest police chase with 100 Busas  
Hey thats and interesting idea. I wonder how manybusas lined up would set a record. Or if there is a record for the most busas in one place.

By the way is more than 5 busa gathered together called a flock?
Sure, 5 Busas = Flock of Busas, but what do we call 2.6 miles of busas? I think "Cagers Nightmare" would fit it well
There is a picture somewhere in the gallery of about 100 or so busas together in Germany