1st Busa = long trip


Approx. a month ago I bought my first Busa. I changed the plugs, eng. oil/filter, chain & sprockets, tires, fork seals/oil, adjusted the suspension as per "Jinkster", bleed the brakes & clutch, bar risers, lowered pegs, throttle lock, electric vest, SW-Motech side rack mount & Kappa K40 bags. I left June 20 and got back last night...took the bike from Alberta Canada into Montana, Idaho, Washington and back up into BC. 3300kms/2050miles. Awesome trip...awesome bike!

Lolo pass 2014 002 (Small).JPG

Lolo pass 2014 017 (Small).JPG

Lolo pass 2014 033 (Small).JPG

Lolo pass 2014 036 (Small).JPG

Lolo pass 2014 039 (Small).JPG


This is the second year we've gone on a long trip at the end of June....hope to do it every year. Last year I took a 1979 CB750 to Bear tooth pass. I much prefer the Busa, it makes a fantastic sport tourer.

Adam G

Wow, that is a lot of miles. I would love to do a bike trip through that part of the country.


I love the northern States, the people, the roads and the landscape. The people are so friendly and have such a great attitude towards bikers. I think next year I'd like to go to Colorado.
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