1986 GSXR 750


Im getting one of these bikes next week and i was wondering...it has a yoshimira slip on it right now but i saw that vance and hines and D & D both have complete systems for the bike which of these 2 would perform better on this bike. The vance and hines is 200 cheaper


P.S. I'm new here and love to hayabusa...want to get one one day...also is there any forums that are more specific to the bike im getting? Thanks
D&D are not really known for their performance......they are usually a little louder though.
Personally I'd check out the price on a Yosh and a Hindle system also and then do some research before I bought.
Yeah Yoshimura is better suited for Suzuki but those u listed are not bad, you may need a jet kit and a few other tweeks to make the bike run its best after installing pipes. Also check out gixxer.com or http://www.superbikeclub.com/top100/index.html
where would i be able to find a retailer that has the yosh and hindle systems for sale...same with the jet kits, carbs, "tweeks"...ive tried a lot of places and its hard to find a place that carries anything for this bike...and gixxer.com has been down for a few days but when they come back up i will try there..

Thanks for the replies