1985 Honda Magna Bobber


I know this is an old thread, but i was wondering if you had anymore pictures of it? I'm bobbing a 83 right now and like how yours turned out. I'm interested in what you did for the seat. How was the bike with just the main fuel tank?

Thanks, Drew


I had a V45 yrs ago . The V65 was one of the most talked about bikes in the mid 80's . It was said back then to do 10.s in the 1/4 . I doubt that now. but maybe it wouldve. Im only going by todays bikes pulling 10's . I almost bought a v65 magna in the early 90's with not many miles on it, but that one didnt have power and that scared me out of the sale. Like said above,Probually the cams were wiped, but good looking bikes. That was the same time suzuki came out with a 1100 that was supposed to be faster,dont know if it was a Gs or something in that direction. I rode on the back of one and it was nasty fast.


I just picked up a 1983 Honda V45 Magna that runs great and is in really good shape fro a 30 yr old bike. I would like to convert/bobber/cafe it over the winter but there's a lot of wiring under the seat that looks pretty vital. The last bike I owned was a Yamaha dirt-bike that I rebuilt when I was a teenager. Any help, links etc... would be greatly appreciated. I'll post pictures of my progress as soon as I get going. MAM

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