1977 ranchero


The wife was driving around and spotted a 1977 ranchero. Knowing I was looking for one she checked it out and got the phone number- called the guy and asked questions- This this is in great shape- All factory except for the rims- original radio, interior is perfect except for the headliner. bench seat with the fold down center arm rest- full gages (that work except for the clock), tach etc. paint is shinny but worn through in a few areas. All smog is there- engine all origninal- 351 motor. She went and bought it for me today!- $1400.00- Sweet ride- I'll post picts when it is sunny and there is light.
Is it a 351C or W? I had a '73 with the 351C, awesome motor. Put a 750CFM Holley on it with dual glasspacks (ok, nowadays it's all about the flowmasters) and you've got one mean machine.

And yeah, grow the mullet and be proud.
Wow, where'd u dig up this old post? I remember Cetrov from years ago. This post is over 4 years old and the guy hasnt posted since last year. Still would liked to see the pics.