190/55 Thoughts


Will a 190/55 still fit if the adjusters are all the way to the front?

I'm thinkin of going to a 42 tooth sprocket (correct speedo mechanically) and shorten the stock chain but figured I'd ask here first as I dont want to go that route if the 190/55 won't fit.

1.1 springs already installed up front and rear raised 1" via links.
It should and the first two replies say it will. When you were thinking about the speedo correction, did you figure in the 55 difference ?

Should just read slightly under actual speed?

Or do I go to a 41t sprocket?
I run a 190/55/17. Personally I like the way the bike feels with it.

An added bonus is the speedometer is much closer than with the stock 50 series tire, it is less than 2% off now, was just over 6% off before. This is with the stock 18/43 sprockets.
with 17/42 and 55 tire the correction factors offset one another about + 5% for gearing and - 3% for tire so there is a net of about 2%. This shortens wheelbase about 1/3 of inch. I have this combo and it works fine. Losing 2 links on chain will reduce wheelbase another 1/2". That's pretty tight but You'll have to take advice from the guys who have done it ( I haven't). I definitely noticed being more "wheelie" happy with the shorter wheelbase and can only imagine this would become worse if another 1/2" shorter. Changing to 16 front gear will slide the rear wheel back almost 3/16" but the big boost in gearing will likely still be wheelie prone. Obviously raising the rear with a taller tire and shortening the wheelbase will both work to quicken the steering. However, if you lift the front wheel every time you grab some throttle you may find your net speed not increasing as much as you'd like. For me, the first combo works best.
Edit: Dang! Went through all of that and then realized you have a 2nd Gen. Ideas are valid but you're starting with 18/43. I ran a 45 tooth rear and 190/55 on my 2nd gen with similar results.