1507cc motors...

Daddy Fatsac

FINALLY!! Yes finally the engine and 99% of the bike is completed. I will get a chance to post some pic after awhile. Nothing super special now...but its my baby.

With all the good news I do need to find a 1507cc power commander map. She is running seriously lean, I need something to start from. Johnny...I know your the Dyno master...hope you'd be able to point me in the right direction...if possible. I know there are afew other people that has to have a big bored Busa.

Here are some of the most basic specs.

84mm JE Pistons 13:1
5 mm Stroked Crank
K&N Air Filter
Small Air Box mod
Yoshimura Tri-Oval Exhaust
Yoshimura Stage 1 cams

...note compression is lower than 13:1... Headgasket .3 HP and there is a 5mm spacer.

If you need anymore info please let me know.

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
Right On Man, Been wondering where you were at...
Mike, it's about time you got that thing together! So, when are we going riding?
Aww hell whats up pimpin?! I'll be out there as soon as I getta map of some sort. She is too lean to ride right now. But man...I'm dieing to ride!!!

Revlis had to take a breather...I got so tired of saying yeah she would be done when all the parts came in... I was only making myself mad. Sayin stuff like yeah...should be done in May...yeah July...err...damn it I don't know!!

Once I get that map I'll be able to do alittle somethin!! Holla back at me though...hows your busa handlin BF? And are you ready for the ride up north? Don't say you can't hang with me...
I have some maps that I will send you . I got your email but remember that I dont have a stock fuel pump so the maps may not be close.
We will see who is the twinkle in the rearview up north... hehe

I've been hitting the north side 1-2 times a week since the ORI. I love it! I just about got the dayum roads memorized. I know you got me on the express way, as ya should with that beast! :eek: We can have sum fun in the twisties... I know you got some rust to knock off, so I am sure we will be havin sum fun... What's it been like 8 mons you been down?
ive got yosh maps for a 1396... hehe...

im envious... i might have to throw a cranker in if she needs more power.... maybe, perhaps. i wonder if they make one out of carbon fiber [sniker]
First off I'd like to say thanks Gixx1300r for those maps you sent me!! And thank you Nickslick for the offer...but I don't think those are remotely close! hehehe and good luck on that carbon fiber crank. *winks* And Johnny thanks in advance for that base map! I'll keep those maps you sent Gixx in case I get that big ol'pump you got there!!

As for BusaFever I thought you was scared of up north...but I guess that RC51 just wasn't what you needed up there. Being rusty is the least of my worries. My biggest problem will be getting use to changes in the bike... Also I hope you've been riding with the Japanese cats and not the Americans. You'd learn the limits of your Busa alot faster...I know I did. I use to think I was one bada$$ until I rode with the locals. You better be riddin with them if you expect to hang...mohahah

Well let me stop talk to much stuff...I'm going to be out there like a beginner again. *sobs* Oh btw my baby blew up on the second week of Jan 03.
Sweet bro cant wait to ride. Glad you will be back in the saddle soon. I'm hitting the point tommorow afternoon. 632-3352 if your bike is ready by then.
Aww...I won't be out until the evening if all goes well. Best believe I'll give you a call pimpin'. Remember...I still have to break it in!
Got a question regarding decel (I think this ties in with the mapping...correct me if I'm wrong)... On decel the bike does like a sound like mini backfires ( but I don't think its backfiring) nothing like the big and loud backfires from many months ago. Is this telling me I'm too rich or too lean. Oh yeah...know a small air box mod was done...