15000 mile maintinance, plugs fuel filter help


Guess its time to get her serviced 05 with 15000 pretty good mileage. Have put a new zzz chain, have not adjusted it my the way since I put it on 5k ago great chain. Anyway I am pretty sure you have to take tha airbox off to het to the plugs but the damn thing airbox it is will not come off even if I losen it. How about a fuel filter and air filter? Wheel bearings? the only problem I have had with her is fork seals and that is my fault.

Any way thanks for the help


airbox is held on with one bolt up front to frame
and two scews one on each side then she should pop right off

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just be carefull of the sensors at the bottom, there are two, one of is spendy if you break it. there are also two vacuum lines one goes to the flapper solenoid valve under the box and one goes to the lower right side I believe and both can be removed easily. the two screw on each side below the box, are the velocity stacks mounting bolts to the throttle bodies, pry from one side to the other as you raise it up and it should come off.


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I had some difficulty getting my airbox off the first time. Be sure you loosen the screw on either side real good. Probably 15 turns. There are some tangs on the throttle body that you can use to pry up on the outside velocity stacks. If you get those loose, it makes it easier to get it off. I just grabbed the front and back working it it back and forth. Wipe the inside where the 4 clamps are with WD40 and it will go right back on for you.

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