1441 engine for sale... What's your thoughts?


Hey All,

This is listed in our version of Craigslist here in Aus.

It's been sitting for a while and the guy is neg on price.
Just wondering what everyone thinks of it. - Is it worth following up on if the price is good?
It would mean I could pull my original motor and store it, and have a play motor for a while.
Granted, I'd need to de-car it and return to bike specs.


When I saw the title of your thread, I though the exact same thing as Bryan said...if it was in a car, it was probably flogged to within an inch of it's life.

In the same breath, if you got it cheap enough and went over it really good, you'd have the engine many people are striving to have...
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Probably heavily beat on. May turn into a headache of repairs, and down time.
Good luck on your choice. :)
I agree with the prior two, I wouldnt have one that was mounted in a car. A lot of load put on those bearing and transmission. And obviously it was raced.

Mr Brown

As above. A 1441 would be my choice in a street bike, but I'd not want one that's been run in a car, unless it was a good enough deal.

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I tune a lot of Busa powered cars and sand rails. If the engine is in a car, the engines usually have two speeds. Idle and red line specially if it was in a sand rail. Based off it having a dry sump I’d bet sand rail.

$4200 will buy you a turbo kit that will make more power then that 1441 could ever dream of.


Thank you to those who have responded.
After reading the comments from those with the experience, I have decided to let it slide. You guys are the ones with the knowledge about these engines and bikes and that is why I asked before spending any cash.

So, many thanks for your time and feedback.
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