~1350+ mile weekend ride to the dragon on my Gen 1


Just wanted to share my ride this past weekend. I missed the bash, but at least I still made it to and through the dragon the the skyway with no interruption or traffic on the holiday weekend!

8am saturday- Leave savannah via I-16 towards Atlanta. Took I-75 up north through Chattanooga and onwards towards Knoxville on I-40. Dropped the luggage off in the hotel and off to Pigeon forge via 129/321/etc for dinner at Margaritaville. Parked the bike back in Knoxville around 9pm with 564 miles for the day

8am Sunday- Leave Knoxville via I-140 for a few miles, then onto 129. Made the run from North to South with no interruptions! Clear roads through the dragon, perfect weather, great traction. Routed down through 28 to get to the Fontana Dam, back around to Robbinsville. Picked up 143 / Cherohala Skyway all the way to Cherohala. Had a great time on the busa cruising through there and back the same way we came. Parked the bike back in Knoxville around 530pm with 310 miles for the day.

9am Monday- Left Knoxville for Asheville. Had lunch at a place called 'Rhubarb" in downtown Asheville. Cruised back to savannah for a bit, although we had a few hour setback with an overheating R6 needing a tow.. so I finished the last 168 miles solo. Parked the bike with 1350+ miles total (the trip meter reset on me at 1000 miles, just before Asheville)

All this was done in full leathers on warm days.. but no complaints here! Probably sweat out a few pounds.

Can't wait to get out there again, maybe with some fellow busa owners.






Nice. I see you got your lean on too!
haha, yup! all over the place. I was very pleased with the pirelli angel gt's through the corners, accelerating out of the corners, and the braking as well. After a while though they started to get a little loose the hotter they got, so we stopped for a few minutes and then carried on.

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