112,500Km Service on my '99 'Busa

Kiwi Rider

Ok, so I've done a lot of miles lately and thought I better get onto a decent service, I've noticed a bit of cam chain noise so it's time to . . . .
check valve clearances, (haven't been looked at for 62,000kms!)
replace cam chain and tensioner guide, (it runs a manual APE tensioner)
clean throttle bodies,
Synchronize throttle bodies,
check injectors spray pattern and clean if necessary,
perform compression and leak-down test.
I have some upper engine cleaner from the old Subaru days and it's potent stuff, a Barr's Leaks product, breaks down carbon FAST, and I've got my valves and piston crowns soaking in it at present. The backs of the intake valves were really carboned and wet with fuel/oil so this will be a big clean up in that area anyway.
I'll post up more pics and info as I progress with the work, hey, I may have the engine out and head removed for major surgery if I get enthused!
I also bought a genuine clutch kit today from our spares dept, fibre plates, steel plates, springs and cover gasket, I also want to get the clutch mod done to eliminate the 'judder' when trying to feed some serious power through the clutch.
I'll order that part online soon.
Here's some pics . . .



The following are pics of each intake before spraying the upper engine cleaner in,





the next lot of pics are after spraying the cleaner in,



this is the can of cleaner, wicked sh*t, if you inhale the fumes you almost pass out lol.



Kiwi Rider

I checked the valve clearances last night and it turns out they are all ok . . . the inlets have 4 that are a little excessive, but it's only a couple of thou' ", so will try shims of the next size down, but may end up leaving it as it is if the clearance decreases too much with the new shims.
Exhaust spec. 8-12 thou "
Inlet spec. 4-8 thou "


So here's some pics of the cam lobes, remember, this is 72,000 miles, 114,000kms.
Not too bad for wear.







I also bought a new genuine clutch kit, fibres, steels, springs and cover gasket, it was bought in by our spares dept mistakenly for a customer's GSXR1000K5 . . . ooooops!
Turns out a Hayabusa clutch does NOT fit a gixxer thou lol.
So the parts manager offered it to me for cheap, basically their buy price.
I will order the cam chain and tensioner guide tomorrow.

Kiwi Rider

Just looked in the service manual at the clutch plate installation sequence, there are different thickness steel pales AND fiber plates that need to be placed in the correct location in the order sequence.
It would be so easy to get this wrong if you did NOT look at the service manual section for the clutch installation, or even the parts listing exploded view, which both show the correct order of the plates.
The cam chain replacement along with the cam chain guide replacement is going to be fun doing it with the motor in place!
There's an allen head bolt in the side of the cyl head that must be removed to allow the chain to be removed/refitted.
The bolt is located in the gap between the frame spar casting and the cyl head, but it is accessible, just.
May need to cut down a 6mm allen key for the job.
To time the cams, aligning the marks on the cam sprockets, will also be fun, nothing a little telescoping inspection mirror won't fix.

Happy days! :D

Kiwi Rider

Always in admiration of a mechanic’s skill set and knowledge. But isn’t it the middle of your summer? You should be riding for us up in the other hemisphere and do this in the winter! ;)
I know, I know, but we are having very warm weather with a fair bit of rain mixed in, I'm not a fan of the heat or rain whilst riding.
I should have the job done and dusted by middle of next week.

Kiwi Rider

Well, the cams are out, the old chain removed and the tensioner guide removed.
The chain is definitely stretched, I put it side by side with the new chain and the new chain is a few millimeters shorter.
The tensioner guide is worn and has a few cracks across the friction material face, I can also see some minor cracks in the front chain guide . . . but to replace that the cylinder head must come off.
Some of the cam lobes have minor pitting where the surface hardening is coming off, but overall for the age and mileage on this engine, it's in pretty good shape!
Here's a few pics of the work performed, I also have 45 minutes of video shot on my GoPro on a tripod in the garage today, but will need to edit it and upload it to youtube, will provide a link when that is done and ready.
A little wear on the upper guide

minor pitting on the cam lobes


Below is the worst of the pitted lobes




The cam journal where the bearing sits is showing some pitting damage, I have seen a lot worse . . .




The tensioner guide showing old age cracking, she's done a fair amount of work over 20 years!

Below is the very top of the tensioner guide showing some scuffing

more cracking

this is the end of the pushrod of the APE tensioner, showing some wear and flattening off, must've been in service for a while I'd say . . .


The aftermath of a 2 hour wrenching session lol



Kiwi Rider

In all those miles, how many were with dino oil? Those cam lobes shouldn’t be that pitted right?
I've had the bike for 38,000kms, I have no idea about what the previous owner/owners used in regards to the oil type.
I have been running semi-synthetic 10W-40 Castrol, Repsol, Elf, Motul, and Penrite with mostly OEM genuine oil filters and twice with Fram oil filters. Always serviced at 8000kms (5000 miles).
The pitting on the cam lobes is a concern though, it will only increase and get worse over time, and quite quickly too.
I am up in the air as to whether I get a Gen 2 with low miles and stash the old Gen 1 for reminiscing over, or just overhaul the ol' Gen 1 and give it some nice Web cams.
The cyl head has to come off to replace the front cam chain guide so now is the time to give it some valve work, a valve grind, new stem seals and porting (if I can find anyone here that knows how to successfully port a Hayabusa head)
Then I'll measure the bores and the pistons and if they need replacement and a re-bore, it will be done . . . BIG BORE!!
I'll keep you posted, I can smell money burning. . . as we speak lol.

Kiwi Rider

Yeah that degrading will only continue so new cams are in order for sure. Head and valves too (since it’s already apart):laugh: but is there any real reason to $eriou$ly upgrade the works?
the way i see it is if you are in deep why not go that extra distance and do it once, do it right!
i'm looking at new core moto wheels, ohlins shock and a few other upgrades this year also, it's time to get the build I've always wanted :thumbsup:
Sounds like a good plan Kiwi , are you still going to the USA this year with your mate ?
Hi. I just ordered new valve springs made by PAC Racing Springs. I got them through DME they use only the very best on there race bikes. The material on there turbo header is over $1,000.00 then it is hand made. Yes that will be on my bike too. For next is to pick out my cams. Oh it also saves 4 lbs on the header.

Kiwi Rider

Where are you going to be visiting kiwi?
Not set in stone yet, but would like to buy bikes in LA and ride across to Bonneville speed week, then maybe further afield, Colorado, Dakota etc.
Where are you located ? I would really like to meet a few of the members here, would be very cool.
My choice of bike is a BMW 1200GS or similar, great long distance bike, and after living in NZ so long, America will feel extremely long distance!

Kiwi Rider

I'm in the mid south. Couple of hours north of Nashville Tennessee. If you're going to be anywhere close we'll get together.
Sounds like a plan, Stan, will let you know our route closer to the time.
Will be very interesting, the meeting of two different cultures lol.
A lot to discuss, and debate, I know you have a sharp mind and well educated, but I can offer some good stuff too. :rolleyes:

Kiwi Rider

I sent my cams away today to be repaired by our local camshaft specialist machinist, Kelford Cams https://www.kelfordcams.com/nz/
I was quoted $330 to have them ground to a standard spec grind.
Have ordered a cam chain tensioner guide from Japan, another week 'til I see that.
I have a shim kit to shim all the valve clearances correctly for the reground cams, it's all go!
Decided not to lift the cyl head at this point in time . . . maybe next year the motor will get a freshen up.

Mr Brown

Sounds like a plan, Stan, will let you know our route closer to the time.
Will be very interesting, the meeting of two different cultures lol.
A lot to discuss, and debate, I know you have a sharp mind and well educated, but I can offer some good stuff too. :rolleyes:
I have no doubt! Keep us posted, we'll see what we can arrange.

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