100,000 Total miles


Never Forgotten
I just added up the miles on my five street legal bikes and got 100,100 Miles. (A few more actually because I just did the 100s)

Busa (05) 38.100
VSTAR (04) 33,800
SV650 (06) 12,100
Ninja (05) 8,600
GSXR (07) 7,500







I still like the race colors on the GSXRs, My wife's 600 was a fine looking bike and looked like your 750. I wish I could rack up the miles like you have. One day I'll ride with you hopefully when things get better. :thumbsup:


Lost and confused
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Wowser! That's some milage. Well if you feel the need to add 6k to it come on over and visit :laugh:


Keep On Trucking
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That's killer Don.. Tim as well, Kudos to you both.. :bowdown:

My '00 only has 23,500 on the clock.. :thumbsup:
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