1/5th turn throttle mod


Just to let you know the 1/5th turn trhottle mod works great. It was installed Saturday and took about an hour only because I took my time and was very careful. Beer slowed me down too.

Everyone worries that the throttle will be too sensitive. It isn't. In fact it really doesn't feel that much different and I wasn't wheelieing all over the place (unintentionally). It was the same except for you don't have to bend your wrist to a painful angle to get the very last bit of throttle.

I fully recommend this mod!
Who makes it. I have a hard time at the track opening the gas all the way in first. this might help.
I have the website eddress on my home computer. As soon as I get back i'll post it. You can't order it on-line. You have to get the phone number from the website and call him to order. The kit is very simple and is about $25. It is a machined piece of plastic about 1 inch in diameter and shaped like a cresent. It snaps into the stock throttle cam and uses the stock cables too. The hardest part is that you have to trim a guide tube that goes into the throttle housing. you need a tiny tubing cutter that can be purchased at any local hardware store. It cuts the tube without cutting the cable inside. All this does is allow clearance for the new cam.

Once installed, it takes about 1 twist of the throttle to re-teach your brain to control it precisely. You won't have to ever close your throttle from full on by curling your wrist over the top of the grip again. Besides looking stupid , it is dangerous. You don't have to let go of the grip to close it fully down. And more importantly you don't have to "get another grip" on the throttle to get full open either.
I'm sold. I had 1/4 turn on old Gsxr drag bikes, I just haven't seen this sort of mod for the Busa yet. I want one.
No, these things for racing are great.  I used to ride with a 1/4 turn throttle, but it was a little too touchy on the street 1/5 should work great.