1/4 mile help


just got back from the track tonight. my mods are listed in the sig. b4 i put on the 5'' over swing arm my best with these mods was a 9.83.....tonight was the first time ive been to the track with the 5" extension and this was my best time

60' 1.758 ----sux, need to get at least low 1.6-1.5
330 4.310
1/8 6.371 --- need to get at least 5.1-5.5
mph 118.96
1/4 9.705
mph 146.05

im leaving the line around 4500-5000 rpms and runinng 20lbs in a stock battle axe tire. i have around just over a year of experience in dragging the busa and about 75-100 passes.

my problem is that ive been told of ppl who run stock busas in the 9.60's. i have all these mods and i cant even get that low. i must be doing something wrong. ive never had anyone show me exactly how to leave the line and i figure this is where im screwing up. ive seen other busas run 1.5-1.6 60 footers and 5.1-5.2 1/8 miles. im just sitting here wondering how the hell they do it and they are on stock swing arms. does anyone know what i need to do different. thanks for any help.

First off, I am no expert by any means but from the things I have learned at the track, I would say you need to get the clutch out faster and the gas on sooner!  Also by looking at your slip I think your not getting to full throttle soon enough because......

.....your 60' is not nearly what it should be "stock," let alone 5" over!?!?  I think this not only by your 60' but also your 330' time!  If you look in my thread about getting in the 9's on a stock(lowered) bike, you will see my 330' times are similar and some are lower than yours.  Other than your power advantage pulling you by me on the big end you are killing all your time on the line!

So get that clutch out quicker and gas on sooner!  What I did was just let the clutch out until it started to wheelie and then feather the clutch/gas from there to get it out of the hole.  

I don't know about your 1/8 mile est. but I would think high 5's with your setup......5.1-5.5 seems pretty quick!?!?

That's my advice but see what others think.

Josh :cool:

Oh and how much do you weight?  

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I think that you're looking for 6.10s~6.20s. Surely not 5s !
It's not going to happen "without" a LOT OF HP !