09 Turbo Hayabusa is gone and B-king in its place


I am an old member and had a Gen I Busa for 12 yrs, bought an 09 Turbo last Busa year and it worried me to death afraid I was going to tear something up and I ran a mixture of racing fuel and 93 which was a hassle, sure it was bad fast but I think I am going to have more fun on the King I will just see more tail lights. I want to do all the initial mods as I did on my Gen I and be happy with that.
I was afraid I would loose fuel pressure and roast a piston, got tired of messing with the fuel. Missed the responsiveness of a normally aspirated bike.
I have a B-King too, mine has a few gremlins, but the bike in general is really good.
Busa power with upright comfort.
wow, your bike was a rocket ship! Let us know how the two bikes compare. Will you be bringing it to Eureka?