08 busa for sale

how much would i ask a 08 busa org/blk ,.... 6 in exten. ... heli bars , buell pegs, .... pc 3.... x-tre... 5000 miles.....custom windscreen,.....custom seat , among other things
I doubt that you can expect to get much from your mods. That is just a sad fact selling a used bike. I would be tempted to take them off and part them out seperately from the bike.


I'm outta here!!!!
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take off the extensions, seat, screen, helibars, and if you dont have an exhaust the PCIII and put it back stock and sell off the parts.


Keep it looking stock as possible. The extension is a bad sign for most buyers. When I see extensions all i see is "burn outs" at the drag strip or constant cold start revving by "possers".:laugh:


I looked at alot of used ones before I bought mine new. The lowest price I seen a used one sell for (ebay and Craigslist) was $7500. Most were between $8000 and $9000. With $9000 being the guys with either really low miles or full exhausts. And of course they were plenty out their with owners trying to sell bikes that they we in love with ($10000-$11000).
If you do decide to wisely sell the parts and return the bike to stock, your extensions, exhaust, screen and seat have my attention. Post pics of the bike friend.

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