08 brocks alien head exhaust

08 time machine

i just installed my new Brocks full alien head system yesterday. it makes some noise now ill post up picks soon and Thursday its going to the dyno the power is now finally unleashed power commander III usb, tre, and race k&N:thumbsup: installed ill keep everyone updated


Hey all, I am new to this forum and quickly realized I have found the right place regarding what mods work best for the 08 BUSA. Just rolled 3k on the ticker and just installed the ALIEN HEAD full exhaust/pwr commander 3 with TRE module. I currently am running the BROCKS street map that it shipped with and heard from a few sources that their maps tend to run on thelean side and more ponnies can be found if mapped a little richer. The local shop ran her through a few pulls on the dyno and reported the best of the 3 pulls to reflect 169HP. Seems way low from what I am reading here with similar if not sasme mods done. Any input as to these dyno numbers?? I think the guy running the dyno was not up to the task or doing something incorrect, but this shop is known to have a group of top notch gear heads?? :beerchug:

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