'07 GSXR cost more then '07 Busa


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It's gotta be because of the new adjustable ecu. THoughts?


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Cause the Busa is virtually unchanged in seven years

Wait until the early release then I bet we see a price increase.....


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(vman1300 @ Sep. 26 2006,09:23)
(ks-waterbug @ Sep. 26 2006,09:07) Wait until the early release then I bet we see a price increase.....
I am with you on that one.
That could be true, the 1000 has a lot of positive publicity right now and I think they are banking on it.


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When it comes to new cutting edge high performance technology, the 1K is the machine. Even with my K6 1K I am very suprised at the performance factor vs. Busa. I couldn't believe how hard it pulled out of the corners and how fast it got up to the limiter. It definitely needed some sort of traction control. Although I do not think the K7 has a TRUE traction control. Usually those units have a speed sensor on the front wheel that sends that info to the ECU and matches Rear wheel speed. If Rear wheel exceeds front wheel speed, TC cuts a cylinder and/or retards ignition so the tire always stays hooked to the ground.

The K7 just has 3 different powersettings from what I understand.