07 Corvette or Porsche Cayman?


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When I return home in March, I was thinking about a new toy.  I don't want to spend more than $70,000 on a car and would like to spend a whole lost less.  After doing much reading, I have a focus on two cars now.  The regular Corvette (cannot afford or wait for a Z07) and the Porsche Cayman.  I have a 1970 Mustang so getting a Shelby does not do it for me.  What are your opinions and am I missing a car that should be considered?



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(Lazerblade @ Oct. 08 2006,11:21)
(runeight @ Oct. 08 2006,11:17)
(carolinadoublej @ Oct. 08 2006,11:14) go with the porsche

Had one..stunning..awesome resale..pure class..

Have you read about the Cayman and the Cayman S?  $10,000 difference in price.
Can't say that I have. Out of the loop anymore. The S would be worth the extra money but then you are getting up to a used turbo.

Tough choice unless you have the monies for either.




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I have 2 friends that have the Cayannes,1 "S" version and 1 Turbo version,they both are great vehicles,and seem to be quite reliable over here in the sand box,the vette would be more fun,but the Cayanne would prolly be more practicle.Nice cars for sure,people still buying them despite gas prices.
Uhmmm Vette...
Uhmmm Cayman...
Mod a Vette for less and have more fun. Forget a blower, just spring for a Twin-Turbo setup you will OWN THE ROAD.
Mod a Cayman and you will break the bank... But you'll be in with the high society. And a modded Vette will still smoke you..


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I have to say Porsche. I have a boxster and I wouldnt trade it for the world. I thought about buying a vette and im thankful I didnt. Everywhere you look there is an old guy driving a vette. They have become everday cars. But a Porsche, even the cheap mans porsche gains more respect from the average individual. Ill never forget it, I had valet at universal studios and when I went to get the car, it was parked up front, the vettes were in the back, as they brought my car to me the attendent (a clown) did a dance around the car then pretended to touch it and did the whole I burnt myself thing. Prior to that, a corvette was brought to a person, and not even a glance.

The porsche doesnt have the raw power the vette does but it will make a more drastic statment and give you the feel of driving a go cart (handling) on the streets. My only other choice would have been the lotus elise, only because im a cornering freak and not that much on the raw power gig.

The cayman will give you a driving experiance unlike anyother for the dollar. Mid engine with hard top, 245hp just for the base not the S and 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. Im jealous.

So bottom line is, old guys drive vettes, LOL, just look around and you'll see what im talking about. Porsche will elevate you to a new level of driving experiance and customer service. Not only at the dealer but also at valet.


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buy a 20K car and bank the rest....nail down a good financial advisor/accountant and make the money work for you now, so you won't have to later on!


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had a vette.. felt like a large BRICK. big, fat, heavy, great driving car... just felt really HEAVY. I'd take a Porche over it any day persaonlly. Light and flickable

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