07 busa

There are a lot of threads started about this topic. Tryt the search button. Too many to list. Pure speculation at this point. Welcome, by the way.
It's been discontinued, 06 was the last Busa:(
Just kidding
They say someone in Japan dropped the mould for the Busa and they will revamp it someday??

Just Kidding?

1. Welcome to the board!!!
2. What they all said! x10
3. Use the search button. There is a whole world of information in there somewhere! And you wont have to buy a CD off ebay to get it!
I really don't care what Suzuki does for 07 because I have an 06.... lol!
Now that mine's boosted, I dont need there to be a 1500 or so to come out, but I do want there to be so we can have the crown back.....I may just but one of the new ones then
yep... there will be a difference... it will cost more and it will be a 2007... beyond that... all hype and fantasy...
I dont think it will be anything bigger than a 1400 due to some of the drag racing rules, now that is if there is a change this yr