07 Busa rear spring question


Ok so I'm sure this question has been asked a few times but here goes. I have an 07 busa lowered and stretche'd about 6 inches. The rear rubs when accell hard in 1st and 2nd gear or hit a good bump. I'm about 260lbs 6'2 and my wifes about 110lbs incase I want to take her for a ride. I see a 1400lbs super spring on ebay for 188$ and my question is is there another maybe cheaper option then the super spring for 188$ and how will it ride? Any advice would be appreciated.
dude, im looking for the same thing right now......if you find something out, please let me know...thanks. :thumbsup:
Will do bro... Done some research and from what I've found looks like the 1400lbs springs the way to go. Gonna let this post sit for a few days to see if anyone has any better ideas. If not ill order the super spring and let ya know how it works out.
I haven't done any stretched bikes so no experience there, but 1400 sounds like a lot. I do know that any 4x4/offroad place that is an Eibach dealer could get you an 8", 2.25"diameter 900 or 1000 lb spring for half that price. Since the stock spring is only 7xx lbs, a 1k spring would be big jump in stiffness. I'd hat to have to install a 1400 lb spring or adjust it after. ha ha.
You have another thread where I went out and did some searching. Reference those references to hopefully find your answers.
Have the same problem! Getting ready to custom build out the busa with an air ride system for less then you are paying for the spring. I'll keep ya posted on this thread as to how in and if it works or fails.
I've heard that the 2009 came with a stiffer spring 40/60 bucks on ebay I believe its a 1200 lbs could be wrong