06 Busa, undertail exhaust systems, accessories, maintenance's, known problems?


hi, i'm a newbie to the Suzuki Hayabusa....and just picked up a 2006 Limited Edition White/Silver model. its not my first sport bike (had ninjas, hurricanes/cbrs, gsxrs, etc.), but it has been a while since owning one (about 15yrs).

anyhow...i've been told this is the best place/support for the Busa!!! hence my post.

i was told by the original owner and seller the Busa has an "Alien Undertail" kit. the factory turn signals were removed and the tail light and turn signals are now in one condensed, small location at the very end of the tail, all inside clear lenses.

for me, the first thing;
i REALLY want to do is rid the Busa of what i consider are very unattractive dual cans/mufflers, maybe at the same time, even lessen the weight of the Busa a bit too. i've seen, on some sport bikes, exhausts that exit right under the tail side vs. left/right sides. they come out right under the passenger seat, just above the tire.

i went to the local motorcycle store, they said their NOT available for the 2006 year models.

anyone know of one (or others) that i can look into and maybe buy? an under tail exhaust system?

any suggestions on the best site(s) for 06 Busa accessories, maybe best prices with larger selection/inventory?

i am not looking to go too crazy, but maybe lower it, change the lights, add an LED light kit, etc.

the Busa has about 8200miles, any suggestions as far as maintenance or upkeep that i as a do-it-yourself'er can do aside from change the oil (which seller said was done couple hundred miles ago)?

any known issues or common problems i should be enlightened too, especially those that are of safety concerns, for this 2006 Busa would definitely be beneficial information to me.
looking forward to being part of this community, and thank you very much in advance for any help/guidance/direction provided. i'd be most grateful!

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Well if you are anywhere near Maryland, I can set you up with a guy who was building my undertail exhaust for my Gen 1.


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Well if you are anywhere near Maryland, I can set you up with a guy who was building my undertail exhaust for my Gen 1.
nope, i am in washington state, 1.5hrs north west of seattle, right near the san juan islands...
did yours get completed? how'd it come out? if so, you happy with it?


The only thing I can think of problem wize will be a 2nd gear issue some abused Busa's have. You'll need to download your service manual to find out everything you need to do. At 8 K miles the number one item will be to ride .
the seller swore he didnt race it around (hmmm, trust or not, too late, bought it)...

but he did test its speed on a few occasions...=)

also, per sellers information provided;
>he installed the alien undertail
>he told me he replaced a sprocket, gave me original (couldnt remember if he went up/down a size tho)
>he installed secondary muffler/cans, for adding some sound
>he also installed some type of "trick" system, said it tells the ignition/etc that the bike is in a higher "gear" vs. what its really in, he showed me how to enable/disable it - its a little LED display with a button that goes into off or "-" mode or into gears, also seems to show the actual gears i am in when riding.

i will see if i can find info on the 2nd gear - but, overall, i think the 'Busa presents itself really nicely...pretty clean, no cosmetic damages, havent found a lot of wear/tear anywhere visible (course that can change once i get the plastics off), etc.

title reports showed no known/major problems either.

i will look into the manual, seller provided me "original" materials that i need to go over (literally picked it up monday).

and yes, riding is definitely on the list of to-do's. =)


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