06/28/09 8:00am - Ride Scheduled - KC Peeps


Hey everyone,
we are meeting at the QT Gas Station off of 152 and N Oak Tfwy at 8am for this Sunday's Kansas City Ride...

We are riding from the Gas Station out to Plattsburg MO, then onto Excelsior Springs, from there out to Richmond MO, and then finally ending up back in N Kansas City...

So come on out and ride with us...Everyone is :welcome:
Do you have any idea where you might be around 1PM? Already have plans to roof part of a house from 6am to about noon. Plattsburg is about 50 minutes from here(30 backroads busa time:whistle:) I can also burn south on 65 Worked like a dog all week- would like to hookup and ride with ya:thumbsup:

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