05' ZX-10R front brakes on Gen 1?

I have access to the entire braking system for free..
Should i swap it all? Just the MC?

Anyone done/seen it?

What about brake lines because the zx10r outlet is on the bottom compared to ours on the side?

For some reason im thinking that year zx10r has a 18mm or 19mm MC.. ??

The bars are both 7/8" but i need ANSWERS :banghead:

Thanks in advance
Any reason they would be better? It’s easy to change and brake fluid is cheep just do it and see if it works for you.
Well the MC is prob better because the busa one is kinda crap..
But as far as the calipers.. is there an adaptor plate someone has used or what not.. or are the zx10 calipers known to be just mediocre like the busa's.

Basically asking if anyone has experience doing it and/or is it worth it before i take the time to try the swap.
After further research, the 05 zx10 seems to have a 14mm master cylinder.
Scratching the whole idea.

I was hoping itd be a k7 gsxr1000 type situation where theres a magic 19mm master cylinder to eat with lol
Not the case.
thanks anyway guys and sry for useless thread lol

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