05 no start


hello all its my first thread.

my 05 all of a sudden dont start.
it cranks, fuel pump humming(so i know the relay is good), new s.plugs, have a spark(checked in on cyl#4), not too bright though, (my in line was too big so i put 1 of the old s.plugs and ground it to the frame) battery is full.

i have the manual but i still dont know how to put in dealer mode(will appriciate the input).no codes appearing nor FI light.
any ideas?
thank you


I'm not sure but I think unless there is a fault code, going into dealer mode will not show anything.
Here it is just in case:

Dealer Mode.jpg
I would check the voltage of the battery.
It should be 12.7 volts at a minimum.
If it is not, the injectors will not fire.
Good Luck!


thanks for the quick replay.
the bike is running.
i went through the wiring .
the p.commander wire was loose at the battery.

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