05' bolt on turbo kit?

of course that should have been 75,000+ miles but i was not the best typist in the office pool :) . So far i have found this place to be pretty tolerant over all . I once had the fastest ZRX in town . But there were only 3 of us and the other two were just slow riders
Now i have the only Busa in town so i can be both the fastest and the slowest in town .
Schrodingers Cat strikes again . I think lol
the great site back in the late 90's-2000's,was bikeland.org....alot of professional engine builders on there....i loved reading pages of real technical details on their....

loved reading posts from Doug Meyer,cnc (Jim),KZScott,shane,spencercycle,Guthrie,Richard Sims,Jay,entropy,Vincent Hill,gunner,....and many others.

learned alot on their,and still do.....helped me with my first engine rebuild "including mods" in the 90's
WFO from the get go
Back in 06 I went to the dealer with Jay a buddy with a Turbo Busa built by @POWERHOUSE at the time....as they were saying the break in spiel I pulled off sideways! Before the tire grabbed and the nose was pointed up at the sky. That was my break in!
Went to Frank picked up some lowering links and a power commander for the yosh system I had ordered. I want to turbo my bike in the next 1-2 years and the only place I will ever bring it is POWERHOUSE.

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