04 Hayabusa


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Just wanna know if anyone heard anything about the 04 Busa or if it will make it to 2004?
HMMMMMMMMMMMM. Put a bug in my ear if you hear anything postive .
a 1400 would be wonderful. it would be restricted of course. the throttle bodies,injectors,pistons etc would be different. i wonder how long it would take some clever fellow to open up Pandora's box.

They have to kepp making the busa. well they don't but I think it sells well. It will not compare to the 600 cc market. A certain type of rider buys a hayabusa just like Italian bikes or BMWs. Please correct me if I'm wrong but the bike market must be still strong.
I'm pretty sure it was someone here that mentioned that they heard from a reliable source bout the 1400 thing.
Check in if yer out there.
I'm the one who started the 1400CC rumor. This rumor originated from a conversation I overheard with the Ft Lauderdale area Suzuki Respresenative at Broward MotorSports in Ft Lauderdale.

The rep was talking with the sales manager about possible changes to the product lines. When they started talking about the hayabusa, I heard comments about how it's popularity went down when it got restricted, and the fact that it hasnt changed any from its initial release that Suzuki was concerned.

This was casual conversation, and I overheard him saying something about 1400CCs. When he left, I was told that they possibly have a 1400CC concept hayabusa at the testing grounds. Nothing was concrete, all conversation.

But, since it came from the Suzuki Rep, I considered it a reliable source and told everyone about it.

It could be bullsh*t, but then again, you could say you heard it here first!

I hope they do some changes, it's getting kinda boring. Give me some standard HID lights, maybe some other options, maybe even a new headlight or larger intact ducts, something for the love of god!

I read somewhere that there might be a 1400cc Bandit (based off the GSX1400 I'd guess) for '04, maybe that's what the rep was talking about?
I have heard or read somewhere that all the new bikes as of 2004-2005 will be restricted to 165 mph. As far as the 1400, don't know.


Word here in my neck-of-the-woods is that individual dealerships will slow, or completely stop their orders for Busas because the insurance on them is ridiculously high. Our dealership here cancelled the order for the '03 Burnt Orange SE because they probably wouldn't sell it. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

insurance? my busa costs me about $30 a month for full coverage from state farm. Then again, I'm 25 with 3 houses and 4 vehicles through the same agent, but it's still cheap!

If you want to introduce radically lower restrictions (i.e. automotive standard speed cutoff), a "complete redesign" is the ideal place to insert it. That way, previous models of ECM's wouldn't do anybody any good because the whole thing would be redesigned and incompatible.

Just my cynical self. Dear Suzuki, don't screw with a good thing. Look what an abortion Honda turned the GoldWing into and learn your lesson...
Still saving for a Busa, but if they redesign it, then give me an 03, or 02 SE. 1300 cc's will be plenty, not to mention that they've spent the last couple of years perfecting THIS design. No more sub frames breaking, the cam chains are good now, etc. I've been following the Busa's evolution since 1999, and even tho Suzuki hasn't updated the original concept of the Busa, they have come leaps and bounds in the over-all quality of the bike. That's the advantage of sticking to what works.
I say a 64 bit LOOPED system is the answer...mass air flow meter, temperture sensor, and exhaust sensor, the purity and smoothness of the power would be overwhelming, lighter wheels, lighter rotors, radial mounted calipers, titanium throughbolts, lighter suspension and better quality, lighter frame, full titanium exhaust. basically the same thing they did to the 1k and for gods sake, if you are going to make an SE or an AE, put some Olins and Marchesinis on it! make it lighter not heavier! a 40th anneversiry sticker? WTF?