03 - 10 New Beetle Convertible owners picture request


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I recently purchased my wife a 2003 New Beetle convertible. Since it is a used vehicle, there are some minor issues that the previous owner dealt with that I am determined to fix. One of which is the "PRESS" button to release the top from the up/locked position. This is the button just above the rear view mirror on the headliner of the top. The previous owner had broken the button and not replaced it. I ordered the new button face, and the swivel piece was still there.

My problem is, I cannot figure out how this thing mounts together inside the headliner. The first video is of how the button is to operate starting at 9 seconds into the video.

VW Beetle Convertible Roof Operation - YouTube

This picture is of the pieces that I am having trouble installing to work properly. I am specifically referencing items 12 and 16 and how they fit into the headliner in order to pop down the handle.


Ideally, I would like a cell phone picture on what the pieces look like in a working state, or a link to a DIY on how to repair this part. I have scoured the internet and found next to nothing on this subject and find it hard to believe I am the only having this problem on a 10 year old car.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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