'02 speed limiting, what changed?


So I take it they changed the wiring on the '02 model so that you can't plug in a TRE?  Is anyone working on a bypass for the '02?  I just bought my busa 2 months ago.  Already wondering how to make it go faster?  

Where can I find stats on perf. increases achieved on older models that have TREs installed?


PS:  This is my first bike ever and I've had no probs, I think it needs more power...hehe
I just ordered a product called G Pak form Nikko racing. Lockahart Phillips carries it. Nikko claims that is will derestrict the 2002 limiter in 5th and 6th. I have a 2002 also and will let you know what I find out. Should be here within the week.
I have a 2002 Hayabusa, and installed the TRE today 6/1/02.
It works 100%, There has been no change in the wiring with regard to the TRE for 2002. This divice is worth every penny.

Good Luck,

Joe Moffa
Granted the speedo is off, but I have buried mine at 10,500 in 5th. Only 190 speedo. Plan on getting GPS for bike soon.

The reply to your question is yes. I have a Garmen GPS, the e-trec model. You can purchase them at most marine stores for around $114.00, they work great. This GPS is about the size of a cell phone, and will fit in the tail of the bike. What's nice about this model is that it will lock in your top speed to it's memory for review later.

Joe Moffa
The correct spelling of the maker of the GPS is Garmin. (it's late) They have a nice web site www.garmin.com. This company will also provide FREE software updates for their products.

Joe Moffa
JFM How have you verified the TRE is working? I have seen several posts that say the TRE will not work on a 2002.
Yes I have, it's working fine. To verify that the TRE is working you must have the motorcycle warmed up per the manual, raise the rpm's to 2500 and pull in the clutch, the rpm's will drop, this indicates that the TRE is working. If the motorcycle is not warmed up you will get a false reading. My GARMIN GPS also verified that it is working on Friday June 7,-- 191.70 mph.
By the way the GARMIN e-Trex GPS is on sale this week at Best Buy for under $100.

Joe Moffa
cool poop jfm ,most people on this site do not belive the tre does work i got mine from hayabusazone.com and it works just like synders does we did the 2500 rpm test pull in the clutch and the rpms dropped......my guessing is suzuki did the hayabusa much like any other company just changed the paint and some fine details and next year were probably going to see some changes........probably not for the good...........but im keeping my fingers crossed.....till then im well enough happy with my 02
I just ordered a product called G Pak form Nikko racing. Lockahart Phillips carries it. Nikko claims that is will derestrict the 2002 limiter in 5th and 6th. I have a 2002 also and will let you know what I find out. Should be here within the week.
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That's nothing more than a TRE in a different package.

Trust me, the TRE does not work to de-limit the 2002. All it does is gets rid of the timing retard on first through third gear by remapping everything to 5th gear.

Lots of products are out there and plenty of companies that make 'claims' and plenty of consumers that swear by them with little or no actual testing. Unless you do some real research into mods, expect to get screwed. I have seen this too many damn times on these boards. Someone mentions a mod and everyone does it. Then someone mentions that it doesn't work, and half the people (seeing that they either spent money or can't go back without replacing an OEM part) deny that it doesn't work.

Use your head before you start buying up parts or cutting up your bike and testing with the 'seat-of-the-pants' dyno. The TRE is a great example of this. A common resistor stuck in epoxy with a connector sold for $75 based on knowledge printed right in the service manual that predates the busa with the introduction of FI on the TL1000R.
I dont personally know about the T R E, but the G-Pak I installed took away my top speed limitation. I can pulll redline in 5th and 6th now. Where before I could only pull 10,500 in 5th and 10,000 in 6th. With a 16 tooth sprocket. Just my personal experience.
I put the Ivans TRE on my 02 and just like my man Narc... said all it did was eliminate the timing retard in 1,2,&3 gears. I topped it out one saturday morning and she stopped dead at 9000 rpm in 6th. Needless to say I was pissed, but thought, That was the fastest I had ever been and ever want to go.
The g-pak might be a tre in a fancy box as they say, but on my 2002 it took away the top speed limiter. I can pull into the red zone now in high. with a 16 tooth sprocket. i only hit 10,000 before the g pak. just my input.
New user here, first post! I have the 2002 Busa, totally stock,. Want to get rid of the 184 limiter....what do I buy and from where? What is a TRE and a G-pak?

Please help a new guy!
New user here, first post!  I have the 2002 Busa, totally stock,.  Want to get rid of the 184 limiter....what do I buy and from where?  What is a TRE and a G-pak?

Please help a new guy!
what color is your '02?

TRE = Timing Retard Eliminator. nothing more. first through third gears' timing is retarded for fuel economy and to make the bike less powerful at low gears. the ecu(computer that controls fuel injection) knows what gear you are in by sending a signal from the transmission. each gear has its own identity. 5th and 6th gears on the '02 have restrictions on the rpm's. the TRE only changes the timing by making the ecu think it is in a higher gear, usually 5th depending on the resistor used in the TRE.

G-Pak = glorified TRE in an easy to use package, ie: plug it in.

Hope that helps, and welcome to the board.
Maybe a dumb question. Likely answered somewhere on the boards but im curious. You guys are talking 02's, I put a TRE on my 01 and verified by the neutral clutch pull test. Like the 02's, Does that only effect timing and not the rev limiter? My TRE makes the bike think its in 5th.
Only the early 99's were unlimited. which i have one of, maybe thats why i have never had any real desire to redline in 5th. i have never even given it the twist in 2nd or third. the juice is scary scary when it hits the powerband. no concern for how many bikes 1000cc and up i have owned..
OK guys, I had a chance to try my switchable TRE (5th gear, homemade) out on the racetrack yesterday. 2001 Busa. They do work as advertised on the timing retard. I tried it both ways and there is a big difference in the way the power delivers. We had intermitent showers all day so the track was wet, then dry and then wet again. Once, when coming out of turn 11 and the track was ALMOST dry, I got on it hard and the RPM screamed but the bike didn't accelerate. I was smoking the rear. In turn 3A with oil and light rain the back end came around (but recovered) when I barely touched the throttle. Slick as butter! Leaning in, out of turn 7A, a slow twist of the throttle caused the front end to lighten up and it washed out and then recovered. When the track dried, power was not an issue unless really leaned over. 12 bikes went down out of 60 in these conditions.

Later with the TRE off, I had more manageable power deliverly if the RPMs were low. The torque came on "soft" and had much more tolerance for agressive throttle movement when under 5000 RPM. The power surge coming out of timing retard at 5000 RPM was destabilizing however, especially leaned over on a damp sweeper while accelerating.

Didn't have the distance in the straights to get above 120mph. but I tried. Can't comment on speed limiter yet.

Bottom line is that the TRE gives more torque/HP down low and that needs to be managed in marginal traction situations. However that is offset by the power being more predictable and linear in its delivery. I like the more agressive but predictable power personally.

Nothing could catch my ride in the straights and I pulled on everything in front of me. This bike ROCKS.