01 stalls at speed and then starts again

I have a 2001 with Power Commander II, Hindle Exhaust and it stalls while I am riding and then starts up again after few seconds. It happenned after going through some twisties at speeds around 100mph. Later as I was riding home and it stalled and eventually I has to cruise home in third gear at about 65mph. any help?
Try jumping out the diagnostic plug under your seat and see if you get any codes. I had a buddy who's 03' did the same thing and his kickstand switch was the culprit. The kickstand would bounce on and off the switch and it was hard as hell to catch. A good way to check it its to jump out the switch and see if you can recreate the problem. I would check for codes first though. Try with the PC connected and disconnected to check for faulty PC too.
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its your kickstand switch its not adjusted properly and is not making contact all the time . when your riding and it falls down it shuts the bike off. try to tighten you kickstand bolt if that doesnt work replace the switch.

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