'00 Fuel pump issue


My '00 Busa has been bucking lately, and I just ordered spark plugs for it thinking that was the problem. Last night when I left work, the bike would not start. I let it sit then tried again, and she fired right up. Today when I got to work, the same thing happened, and now it won't start. The tach and everything works, but the fuel pump won't run. Any suggestions??


I too have an '00 It has roughly 35,000 miles and just started bucking as you said. MY guess, and this is only my guess... time to change the fuel filter and clean that screen. it really isn't that hard, I just did mine. take your time and with all things, have patience. the manual has a pretty good tear down instructions. Filters run around $40. Don't forget to get a new o-ring for the fuel filter retainer plate.

oh and if you remove the tank it allows so much more room to work. Good luck.


i have a 00 busa also and it seems to be doing the same thing but i changed the fuel filter . now it runs at idle until it gets warm with the temp needle in the middle . once it warms at idle it shuts down rigth away. i have done this many time and cant figure it out . can anyone help :please:


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vapor lock*... pull/hold the gas tank up , turn the key on, let gravity help, put gas tank down, bike will start
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