0-60 times?????


Why can't I find this info? This guy was telling me the new Buggatti does 0-60 in 2.8 sec's. Is our Busa quicker and why don't we have these performance numbers?
2.3 is the best. Under 3 is 'normal'.

It's nice not having to shift out of first to hit 60, eh? :D
I don't know the 100-0 time but the 0-60 is 3 sec or less, in first gear.
yeah... um... wait! HOW MUCH does a Buggatti cost?? And HOW MANY are produced? so.... if she weighs the same as a duck.... what does that make our BUSA's worth?? :D Love that new math.

zero to 186mph in fourteen seconds). But the Veyron will also be the most expensive production motor car available for use on the street with it's £650,000 price tag [million$?]
it's just like that diablo i keep trying to race, i always win because the magazine just sits there....those are the only ones i've ever seen, in mags :tounge:
This argument started by me saying that the Busa was the fastest commercially available vehichle. He came back in a couple of days and said the Bugatti does 0-60 in 2.8 secs. He's a mitsubishi turbo guy......... :argue:
The McLaren F1 is the most expensive... I don't know if it's still being produced though.
I would like to know how long does it take the McLaren or the Bugatti to go 0-186mph.
I can't ........................That's why I asked the friggin question. There are too many variables. Weight, temp, mods etc. I was just curious if anyone has read or performed these tests. :argue:
cycle world did a test about a year ago with kevin schwantz where he raced himself in a 2002 gixxer 1000 and a ZO6 vette. The 1000 got to 100 and stopped before the vette even got to 100. If i remember it only reached about 83-86 mph before the 1000 was stopped dead. I would imagine that the bus would beat the buggatti. I know for a fact that my R1 will hit 60 in about 2.5-2.6, my old tlr would do it in 2.8.
Hey Stalker, where have you been? Putting monster kms on your bike?

Nice site. It has other great articles too.